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Colt Conversion Unit .22 LR-.45 ACP - Parts Identification

Colt .22-.45 Service Model Conversion Unit Parts Identification

Component Parts

1. Slide, complete with Fixed Front Sight, Adjustable Rear Sight, Extractor, Firing Pin, Firing Pin Spring and Firing Pin Stop.
2. Barrel
3. Floating Chamber
4. Ejector
5. Bushing
6. Recoil Spring, Recoil Spring Guide and Plug
7. Magazine
8. Slide Stop

Detailed Description

All parts required to convert the Colt .45 Caliber Automatic Pistol for use with .22 Long Rifle cartridges are illustrated above.

The slide (1) is equipped with front and rear sights, extractor, firing pin, firing pin spring and firing pin stop. The front sight is fixed, with serrated ramp face. The rear sight provides for both elevation and windage adjustment, and is of advanced design. The barrel (2) is designed to use a moving or floating chamber (3), which is inserted within the breech of the barrel. The ejector (4) is of special design, fitting into a slot in the barrel. Barrel bushing (5) is furnished. The recoil spring (6) is furnished, complete with guide and plug. The magazine (7) is equipped with serrated catch to facilitate loading of cartridges, and holds from one to ten cartridges. The slide stop (8) is slightly different in design than the stop furnished for use with .45 caliber ammunition.

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