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COLT MODELS Gun of the Month - November 2011
Colt 1908 Vest Pocket Hammerless .25 ACP
Serial Number 430467 with Factory Nickel Finish

Colt 1908 Vest Pocket .25 ACP serial number 430467 - factory nickel finish, aftermarket mother of pearl grips. Gun is unusual in that it the serial number is approximately 10,000 numbers higher than the highest recorded production serial number, 420705.  This appears to be the result of a factory numbering error at the time of production as the matching slide is numbered 340467, meaning that the first two numbers of the serial number on the frame were unintentionally transposed. 

Colt 1908 Vest Pocket .25 ACP serial number 430467 - slide is numbered 340467.  According to Colt's Historian, 340467 is recorded as a gun with factory nickel plated finish.  The Historian also indicated that there is no notation in the production records regarding the serial number discrepancy between the slide and the frame.  In the case of a misnumbered serial number, Colt's would often restrike a number over the incorrect number in order to correct the error.

Pistol was one of 10 shipped to Belknap Hardware & Manufacturing Company, Louisville, Kentucky, December 17, 1923.

An example of a Colt factory serial number overstrike to correct in an incorrectly numbered gun.  Note the "6" over the "5" above.

Colt 1908 Vest Pocket .25 ACP serial number 430467 - factory nickel finish, right side view.

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