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COLT MODELS Gun of the Month - October 2000
Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless .32 ACP
Gloversville, NY
Factory Inscribed Police Special Order

Model M .32 serial number 381490 with factory inscription "G.P.D. No. 2" engraved (not roll marked) on the left side of the frame where the serial number is typically located.  This was one of 13 guns shipped to the Gloversville, NY Police Department in the 1920s.  It is interesting to note that in order to accommodate the location of the inscription, the serial number was factory engraved on the right side of the frame.

Factory letter for GPD marked Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless .32 ACP indicates that the gun was one of 13 shipped to the City of Gloversville Police Department, Gloversville, New York on February 26, 1921.  Processed on Colt Factory Order number 2604/13.

An original photograph with names of the members of GPD from 1949

Photo courtesy of Marj Jones

Members of the Gloversville, NY Police Department (GPD) from 1931

Franklin J. Clark, Mayor
Alderman Six Years
Mayor Four Years 1927 - 31

Wilbur C. Snyder
Police Committee 1918 - 31

William E. Walsh
City Judge
1928 - 1931

Ray C. Sauger
(Appointed September 4, 1923 )
Traffic Officer
Millard B. Perue
(Appointed February 1, 1921)
Harry B. Hart
(Appointed February 21, 1922)
Detective Dec. 16, 1924
Clarence Carpenter
(Appointed July 11, 1928)
Motor - Officer
George R. Smith
(Appointed February. 12, 1900 )
Chief January 3, 1907
Victor T. Marcais
(Appointed June 1, 1926)
Motorcycle - Officer
Aldelbert A. Andrews
(Appointed January 13, 1909)
Traffic Officer
Arthur G. Vedder
(Appointed March 15, 1922)
Motor - Officer
Floyd G. Clancy
(Appointed March 20, 1924)
Motorcycle Officer
Oscar G. James
(Appointed June 17, 1923)
Bernard J. Murphy
(Appointed April 23, 1923)
Sergeant Appointed Jan 6, 1925
Robert K. Meach
(Appointed February 5, 1929)
Lewis A. Fish
(Appointed April 6, 1920)
Captain Dec. 23, 1922
Pearl E. Rumrill
(Appointed Oct 22, 1929)
Joseph Dowden
(Appointed July 6, 1926)
Sergeant July 19, 1928
William T. Forsyth
(Appointed August 16, 1922)
Frank J. Brothers
(Appointed April 18, 1915)
Motorcycle Officer
Charles H. Cox
(Appointed November 8, 1923)
Arthur C. Smith
(Appointed July 5, 1922)


The membership list is from a picture of the Gloversville Police Department in 1931. The original picture is on display at the City of Gloversville and is part of their Archives collection. The picture is four rows of portraits, five across with the Chief and Captain having slightly larger pictures than the others. It was reproduced from Fulton's site from James Morrison, Historian for the City of Gloversville. (Copyright 2000 James Morrison & Jeanette Shiel All Rights Reserved. )

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