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COLT MODELS Gun of the Month - May 2000
Colt Model 1905 Serial Number 3382
Factory Engraved and Gold Inlaid
by Cuno Helfricht

Early Factory Engraved Model 1905 Inlaid "P.H.M."
Photo credit: Christie's Rare and Historic Firearms Catalog, New York, 10/7/1981, p.89

An exceptionally rare and important Model 1905 as it is the only recorded example to have left the factory gold inlaid and engraved.  Model 1905 serial number 3382 - Embellished by Cuno Helfricht himself, gold inlaid monogram "P.H.M." in block style on the backstrap.  (See Factory Gold Inlaid Model M sn 2322 for an example of gold inlaid block style initials.)  Style III engraving on the slide and frame.  Unusual lanyard ring added, London proofmarks.  This pistol was an overseas order as it was shipped July, 1908 to the New York exporters, Arkell & Douglas, in a package marked "P&B-Port Elizabeth."

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