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Colt Police Positive .38 - Collector's Information, Dutch Contract with Checkered Walnut grips, Serial Number 405230, 4" Barrel (ca. 1942)

From the John van Donselaar Collection

Dutch Colt Police Positive Serial Number 405230 with 4" barrel - This Colt was purchased by the Dutch authorities for the Dutch police in the Dutch Indies. The only visible difference between this revolver and other revolvers is the ring for the lanyard. These revolvers where called Revolver M.31.  The M stands for model and the 31 stands for the year of entering Dutch Indies service.

Colt Police Positive Serial Number 405230 with 4" barrel - Dutch Contract

Also pictured is a complete ammunition box. "Patronen scherpe nr. 3, Colt" was ammunition for the Colt Police positive 38. The carton box was to be packed in the tin can, and than the tin can was to be packed in the wooden box

The stamp on the original lanyard says" CW (means ConstructieWinkel, for construction department), N (means Nieuw, for newly made), 1 (which stands for January, the month of production), 34 (which stands for 1934, the year of production) and A K (which are controllers markings).


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