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Colt Official Police .38 Special, Serial Number 620110 (ca. 1937), Factory Inscribed "Major John H. Irving" with Factory Ivory Stocks

Paul Szymaszek Collection

Colt Official Police Serial Number 620110 with 4" barrel, factory inscribed to Major John H. Irving - Blue finish with factory ivory grips, shipped to Lt. John G. Minniece, Fort Robinson, Nebraska on July 10, 1937.  Processed on Colt Factory Order Number 18689/1 as a single gun shipment. The ivory stocks on it are perfectly fitted, however the letter does not reflect the ivories. At the time of shipment, Irving was stationed at Fort Douglas in Utah, where he was in charge of the remount & breeding headquarters for the US Cavalry. Prior to this, he had a long career with the Cavalry. He was the second place finisher of the Goodrich Trophy in 1928, while commanding the Sixth Cavalry at Fort Clark, in Texas. He was awarded a Navy Medal of Honor in 1914 for bravery.

Later in his career, he commanded the 124th regiment of the US Cavalry, to patrol the US border along the Rio Grande out of Fort Brown & Fort Ringgold, prior to his death in 1944.

Presentation of the Goodrich Riding Trophy to Capt. John H. Irving at Fort Bliss in 1928.


Marked on left of barrel:


Colt Official Police Serial Number 620110 - left side close-up of factory inscription "Major John H. Irving" on sideplate.

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