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Springfield Model 1911 .45 ACP  - Serial Number 126398 (ca. 1916)

Springfield Model 1911 serial number 126398 - Ordnance procurement records for Springfield Armory Production indicate that this was one of 1,564 pistols manufactured from July 1, 1916 - December 31, 1916.  Colt granted the Ordnance Department the right to manufacture the Model 1911 at government arsenals on April 21, 1911.  This right became effective after orders for the Model 1911 totaling more than 50,000 were placed.  This led to the establishment of a pistol plant at Springfield Armory.

This Springfield 1911 has the third type long hammer with rounded rear edge.  The ordnance "flaming bomb" replaced the Rampant Colt on the left rear of the slide, behind the slide serrations.

The ordnance "flaming bomb" was also located on the frame where the inspectors mark typically appears on Colt manufactured 1911 pistols.  Unlike commercially contracted weapons, government manufactured arms did not require an ordnance acceptance mark.

Right side of slide bore the standard slide inscription of the Colt Model 1911 -- "MODEL OF 1911 U.S. ARMY." Checkered walnut grips with uncheckered diamond areas around the grip screws were standard.  The number of rows of checkering between the points of the uncheckered diamonds number 11 +/- 1.

The eagle, which was formerly the symbol of Springfield Armory, was placed on the right side of the slide.

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