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Colt Super .38 - Serial Number 32239 with Swartz Safety in the Original Box

1939 Super .38 serial number 32239 - in new condition with original box, instructions and special instructions.  Factory letter indicates that pistol was one of five shipped January 30, 1939 to Zork Hardware Company, El Paso, Texas in a 5 gun shipment.  Letter further indicates that the pistol is "furnished with a new safety device."  The safety device to which the letter refers is the Swartz Safety.  Zork was successor to Krakauer, Moye & Zork, well known Colt dealers as early as about 1895.

Pre-war Colt Super .38 serial number 32239 - factory letter.

1939 Super .38 serial number 32239 - left side

Original box (numbered to the gun) 1939 Super .38 serial number 32239

Original box (numbered to the gun) 1939 Super .38 serial number 32239

1933 Super .38 Ad - Colt Super .38 Automatic Pistol - Stops Any Game on the American Continent

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