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Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammer .38 ACP - Rimless Smokeless

The Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammer is a shortened 4 ˝” barrel version of the Model 1902 Sporting .38 ACP.   Like the Model 1902 Sporting, the Model 1903 Pocket Hammer also lacks an external safety and is a seven shot pistol.  This model was manufactured from 1903 through 1927.

The serial number sequence for this model and the Model 1902 Military was different than that of other Colts.  The first gun produced (serial number 1 of this model) was number 19,999 and the numbering continued in descending order to number 16,000.  In 1906, the serial number that followed number 16,000 was 20,000.  Serial numbers continued in ascending order from 20,000 to the high serial number of 47,227.  Colt’s manufactured just under 31,000 of these pistols.

There were no major mechanical variations within this model, but there were variations in external features such as the variation of slide serrations (plunge milled vs. triangular cut) and the early style rounded hammer (a carry-over from the Model 1902 Military) to the low spur hammer that was also present on the late Model 1902 Military .38 ACP and Model 1905 .45 ACP.

Most pistols were manufactured with a blue finish and black molded hard rubber grips.  Some other factory variations were manufactured including those that are inscribed, engraved and nickel plated.  Factory stocks in smooth walnut, checkered walnut, mother of pearl and ivory were also available for this model.

The Photos and Information link above will provide you with photos and descriptions of some of the other unique characteristics of these early Colt pistols.

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